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A taste of traditional Malay cuisine.

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( - An abbreviation of ‘Nenenda’ or grandparents; grandmother, archaically used in royal households to address one’s grand relatives.

Nenda can also mean ‘finale’ in Malay.

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Haikal and Farid spent their formative years in typical southeast Asian households - in the arms of their grandparents, while their parents were busy at work. As boys, they were forged with their grandparents’ love and values through food, recipes that had been verbally passed down through generations and ended with them.


Both Farid and Haikal have carved out for themselves careers in food and hospitality establishments such as Dutch Colony Co., Merci Marcel, Starbucks Coffee and Badoque, fuelled by their passion for food from their childhood. Now, with 35 years of collective experience in the F&B industry, these lifelong friends are on a quest to revive their grandparents’ recipes, once shrouded in mystery and now lost in time.

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True to both founders’ down-to-earth upbringing, the Nenda dining experience attempts to contribute to the legacy of the country’s food culture. Journey with us as we gift to you a cascade of taste and emotions through ethnic Malayan and modern Western flavours with a twist.


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